July 15, 2014

New life

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone ^^ salam nuzul quran semua.

Sekarang dah mula kehidupan dkt cucms. Orang lain ramai yg duduk asrama dr form 1 n dr form 4. Aku? Duduk asrama plkn sekejap je hari tu.. selebihnya, duduk bawah ketiak mak.

"Eee anak mak~"

Abih tu awak tu anak sape? Anak nenekmu? Haha. Rindu memang rindu. Hari2 mmg teringat. Tp i know my mom wants me to be happy with or without her, wherever i am. Ye dak? Being happy here doesnt mean i forget my family kan?

If i keep on going like "waaa umi.. rindunya umi. X best la sini xde umi.. umi nak balik.. umi.. umi.." she's going to be worried for no reason. I dont have to act like a cry baby to express my love.. just simple daily calls and "i love you" is enough i guess.

And umi, im fine here. dont worry about me. I miss you and i love you. :*

Assalamualaikum and good day.

July 02, 2014



Hey ya! I'm going to be 18 soon. I didn't expect this before but now i know that this year, the celebration is going to be quite different. On 10th july, on that very date, im going to leave home. For cyberjaya uni college medical science (cucms) to further my study. Hmm. I'm always excited with the idea of start studying. I'm also quite okay with the idea of leaving home as I've sort of experience that during the plkn. But on my birthday? Really? Out of all the days, it has to be on my birthday, huh? Honestly it's quite disappointing but... at least i can still see my family on that day. It's not that i have to go one day earlier right? It could be worse. Then i have to celebrate it silently, by myself, surrounded by strangers. Yeah thats the spirit. Alhamdulillah