July 15, 2014

New life

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone ^^ salam nuzul quran semua.

Sekarang dah mula kehidupan dkt cucms. Orang lain ramai yg duduk asrama dr form 1 n dr form 4. Aku? Duduk asrama plkn sekejap je hari tu.. selebihnya, duduk bawah ketiak mak.

"Eee anak mak~"

Abih tu awak tu anak sape? Anak nenekmu? Haha. Rindu memang rindu. Hari2 mmg teringat. Tp i know my mom wants me to be happy with or without her, wherever i am. Ye dak? Being happy here doesnt mean i forget my family kan?

If i keep on going like "waaa umi.. rindunya umi. X best la sini xde umi.. umi nak balik.. umi.. umi.." she's going to be worried for no reason. I dont have to act like a cry baby to express my love.. just simple daily calls and "i love you" is enough i guess.

And umi, im fine here. dont worry about me. I miss you and i love you. :*

Assalamualaikum and good day.

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