October 06, 2016

The Real Aim

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ~

How I wish I could be someone approachable. Someone who can make someone else smile just by looking. I wish I could give benefits to everyone I encounter. To fulfill their hope every time they come up to me seeking for help. How I wish my heart could be as clean so that there is not such thing as 'this guy is trying to take advantage of me.' I want to be pure and innocent to always see the good in everyone. I want to be caught smiling even if i'm not aware of people looking. I want my sadness to bury deep. Deep inside so that all people can see from me is what good the life could offer. Despite the thorns along the path of life, focusing on only what good it could bring. La tahzan innallaha ma'ana. Don't be sad Allah is with us. Feel the presence of Allah always and never be sad. Smile.

Now I ask you a question: What is life all about? Allow me to answer. It's all about Allah. 'And I did not created the Jinn and humans except to worship Me.' That should be easy. Just follow the Quran and Sunnah. Right? But then, there are Syaitan and Nafs. This is where the struggle comes in. It's hard since our Imaan is not in a one way direction. It will not only go up and up day by day and gain the 'perfect Imaan' as we reach old age. It doesn't work that way. It's a wave. There's up and there's down. They say tajdid your niat always in everything you do. So that you won't go astray from the true path. But we're humans. We forget. We want luxury. We want the world. What about akhirah? "Let me take a rest and enjoy the dunya for a while." "Its hard." "It's tiring." Yea, very true. Because what we aim for is the Heaven and the Heaven is expensive. It won't be easy. But it definitely worth the struggle.