June 27, 2014


Met ibu mas last friday at the pasar. It was a short greeting yet very meaningful. I respect her. She gave me the opportunity to work with her in taska nur niyaz. Since i cant travel far(takda lesen) and i cant stay home and do nothing while waiting for spm result. I worked at the taska. She tought me a lot even though it was just a month and a half (berhenti awal sebab pergi plkn). It was an experience that not anyone can get.

But i think i made her disappointed. At the market she told me the taska was going to have a tahlil on the next day. She really hope that i could come. But eventually, on the next day, i was like "ok. What should i do today?" N i decided to watch the tv all day. And later, "oh my god. the tahlil was yesterday!". she must be really disappointed. huaaa~ what do i do? :'(