September 30, 2016

Post-Exam Discussions?

Sat for Haematology Exam this morning.

"Izinkan aku bertawakkal kepada Mu dengan mudah Ya Allah."

That's what I said to myself at the end of the exam. I don't know why. It's not a routine. I've never did that before. I didn't plan, it just came out of my mouth.

Later, after I came out of the exam hall, like always, the people was buzzing. I'm sure they're discussing the questions. I walked away. It is just something I do not prefer to do. To me, leave the past in the past. If you really want to discuss on the topics, discuss it before the exam. At least, its beneficial. So, yea. I avoided them.

After the exam, we had a Grand Reflection in the auditorium. It's a routine after every exam. We discussed on the SWOT of the course. In the audi, my roommate cried. Because of the answer she changed last minute. I was temped to asked which question, what did she answered, what's the correct answer. But I didn't. I know I can't handle disappointment well. So, I just tapped her back.

Later, I reached home. Get into my room. As I was settling down, my Housemates came in and discussed. I had no choice but to hear them. Guess what? I regretted. I was disappointed with the answers I wrote. I stayed quiet along the discussion. Didn't say a word. I was stressed out.

But then, I was reminded of the du'a I made earlier. "Izinkan aku bertawakkal kepada Mu dengan mudah Ya Allah." I calmed down that instant. Alhamdulillah for everything. :)

What is SWOT? Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat of the course.