August 03, 2015


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh ~

Hello peeps. I dont know if it is because i am a teenager, but i realized that i keep wondering something useless or random. Huhu. Is it just me, or everyone of human living is experiencing the same thing?

What are we supposed to do when the rest  sing us the birthday song?
How do we respond when someone praise us?
Why is it so hard to apologize?

To summarize it all, how do we handle awkward situation?

Some people, mereka  tak payah pun pening2 fikir macam mana nak handle sebabsss... those situation doesnt seem awkward to them in the first place. Uhuks. But as for me, i find most of the time of my life are awkward. HAHAHA sad life. Yeah seems sad because it was exaggerated. Ahah.
Takde la most of the time. in some situation la. And almost everytime i did something stupid like laugh like crazy and walk away. Haha maluu.

But i guess i have changed. not totally,but there's progress.
Now, when i meet someone awkward, i dont hide anymore. Aku more like acah acah nothing is awkward. I approached that someone first sebab aku tahu im not good at giving reactions when people talk to me. So, aku tegur orang dulu. Lepas it went well (or not), orang tu dah pergi, baru aku gi sorok muka belakang tiang, malu sensorang. Vijak sangat kan? Ahaks. Nak buat macam mana, its better that way uhuks.

Oleh itu, jangan malu malu jangan segan segan. Kerna? malu itu perisai orang beriman.
Ohoho tell me u sang those words.
 Cause u just did. Elelele
ok stop bye.

P/s- i still think that birthday song is awkward. Huhu