March 26, 2011

something from my heart..

hari ni,  sye nk luah sume bnde yg jd hari ni.. kalu nk ckp dpn2 malu... or is it my ego? hurm.. okey..

i was scolded by my mom for being a jerk this morning..
i'm sorry umi. i'll try to change but i need some time. wait for the day. i know that i could be a better person. thanks for being the best mom in the world! i love you!

friends, u know about my achievement this morning. thanks for supporting me all this while. i love you guys! ngee~ friends forever k!

thanks to the teachers! for supporting me.. thanks!

actually, saye dpt nombor mase merentas desa a.k.a treatment kurus! hehe.. num bpe? NO SHOW OFF HERE PLEASE! hah! so, xleh gtau laaah!! hehe. sorry ladies n gentlemen...

thanks juge kpade mereka2 yg komen blog sye walaupon blog sye ni mcm org sewel je.. thanks again..

jgn lupe follow yah !! hehe.. kalu rajen, komen skali tau.. hehe..DAA~