December 10, 2012

hot milo

assalamualaikum and hye olls ^^ dina here !

i had my breakfast this morning
it was nasi goreng and a glass of hot milo
i started by finishing everything on my plate first
then i sip my milo

it was really hot
the steam attacked my face
i could not stand it
i put down my cup

i was planning to wait for it to cool down for a while
then it would be easier for me to drink it
but milo is the best when it's hot
then, i realize....

it is just like our life
it is not easy to gain the best
we have to endure the 'steam'
then only we could taste the 'delicious hot milo'

if we let it cool
yes, there will be no steam
then its not hot anymore

assalamualaikum and bye, 

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